Friday, May 28, 2010

Clear Creek Metro Park


A hike last week in parts of the large Clear Creek
Metro Park and Nature Preserve with my daughter
had some very pretty scenery and plants to offer.


Fishing is allowed along Clear Creek which runs through
the park and many were their trying their luck that warm day.




Written Rock which got its name from Native
American hieroglyphics found written upon the rock.
Of course now they are gone and ugly graffiti has
replaced them. People cause terrible destruction
to the natural beauty of our parks everyday.
Even the threat of arrest and fines does not
deter them. 

Deep budget cuts to  Ohio’s
Department of Natural Resources has caused
layoffs of Park Rangers and staff which leaves
the parks under funded, manned and policed.
Our Governor Strickland has cut funding to the
biggest tourist attractions in Ohio which is allowing
some of the parks to slowly get in run down condition.
Not enough staff leaves fallen trees blocking paths,
garbage, vandals and room for deviates to operate.
Is posting signs declaring the parks nature preserves
an  excuse to just let them go unmanned
instead of the true reason of lack of state funding?
We could afford new stone signing to put the governors
name on but not enough to keep employees.
I will speak further on this in future postings
because it is an election year and I want to see 
funding returned to the parks and the Ohio Historical
Center which has had drastic and detrimental effects.
The states parks are now free but will they be forced
to start asking an admission fees?
If we lose our tourist dollars due to deterioration it
will be the legacy of our present governor Ted Strickland.

But on with Clear Creek Metro Park….


The Mathias Cabin


Along the Hemlock Trail

Hemlock Varnish Mushrooms are numerous on old
fallen trees in the Nature Preserve.

CCMP_Red BlackBeetle2 - Nicrophorus sayi 
The Red & Black Beetles Nicrophorus sayi
were busy feasting on them.



Orange topped mushrooms


Wild Irises Queen of the Swamp grow there in sections.



Fields of beautiful wild flowers were blooming
everywhere in the park.









Dames Rockets wild phlox in lavender
and white.



Scarlet Cardinal Flower




The  Fern Trail was less traveled.

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  1. Looks like a very pretty place to hike. I see you still have a lot of wildflowers. Most of ours bloomed about a month to a month and a half ago and are all gone now.


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