Thursday, May 6, 2010

Old Man’s Cave

 Bilbo_OldMansCave2  The Hocking Hill’s area parks have been going through
a beautiful transformation in the last few years.
Beautiful stone buildings, bridges and signs now grace
the area and look more natural in the woodland areas
of the parks.

This is the Welcome  center to Old Man’s Cave in the
beautiful Hocking Hills.
It sets at the entrance to the access road that goes to
camping grounds.

Also added across the road from the welcome center
is an archery range.


This is the upper creek and falls that flows through
Old Man’s  Cave. It was flowing heavily after the hard
rains we had.
Camper use to have to drive across this creek above
the falls to get to the camping  area of the park
but now there is a new bridge that crosses it at the
welcome center.







A second falls runs under a bridge that crosses the top of
on the pathway to the Gorge Overlook, Rose Lake and on
to Cedar Falls if you are into hiking.


The rush of water going over the  little falls was  running fast
and foaming after the rains.

This creek also flows into the ‘Devils Bath tub’.
We were always told it was bottomless but in
actuality  there really is a bottom.


Old Man’s Cave is littered with giant boulders and



  1. Beautiful park.
    I love the creek and the falls. The sound must be wonderful and invigorating.
    Like the close ups on the water.

  2. What a nice park. I'll be they have some great hiking there.


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