Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swans & One Mixed Up Duck

  The swans have had their eggs hatch at Lake Logan
and I spotted six new babies. When we visited she was
keeping them on the far side of the inlet and in the shade
away from the many photographers yesterday.
Everyone was wanting to get pictures of the newly born



Back at the swans nest two eggs lay that were
not going to hatch.
These ducks had decided it was a fine nest.



This female was trying to turn the eggs and set
on them. It was a funny sight because the eggs
were a little too big for her to get on.


She finally gave  up and decided to just rest in the
nest and catch some sun….



while he got some shut eye.


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  1. Those swans are beautiful. Funny duck trying to set on those eggs. I hope if she had a nest that it wasn't destroyed. Helen


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