Saturday, May 1, 2010

Un-photographed Views of Conkle’s Hollow


Most of the pictures taken in Conkle’s Hollow
Park in the  Hocking Hills are of the beautiful
cliffs, vegetation, falls or the splendor of the
Fall leaves from the upper trail.
When I walk through I see the beauty of the
ruggedness of the area or the sights that lay
just beyond the trails.
Such as……


The Violets that find a place to grow everywhere.


even in hollow trees and  logs.


A fallen tree that is now a piece of driftwood
which now lies under the falls.


The Moss which grows everywhere covering tree logs.


The rocks that can be found standing at all angles
and of every shape.  


The many little nooks and crannies that
run into the main hollow and of ancient trees
that have fallen from the cliffs above.


Of the many trees which attempt to grow on rocks
and high cliffs.


Of  long ago planted daffodils that grow in the
fields at the entry way.


Of paths that are forbidden to walk upon which 
riddle the rugged terrain of trespassers.


and of the little creek that runs through
it from the falls into the larger creek
of Pine Creek road.

 CH_Creek_Spring (2)

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