Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Governor Strickland Behold Cantwell Cliffs Park


Dear Governor Strickland.
You remember all those jobs and funding cuts you
did to the Department of Natural Resources?
Do you know the number of tourists that come to
the Hocking Hills States Park every year?
Do you know that now due to job cuts that Ohio’s
main tourist spot is falling in disrepair?
Do you know that if lack of funding and lack of
employees and park Rangers are left this way that
over  time the parks in the Hocking Hills Park system
will deteriorate and  the natural beauty of
the parks  well be destroyed and cause decline in
tourist dollars?
Do you even remember you are from this area?
Do you know that this will be your legacy when
you leave office?
The local governor that lead to the downfall of
the Hocking Hills Parks system and other parks
and Historical sites throughout Ohio.
What a way to leave office and what a fine legacy
to leave behind.
Governor Strickland,
See the natural beauty of Cantwell Cliffs below.










Now see what is happening to Cantwell Cliffs
State Park


Paths are being blocked by falling trees that have
not been cut up and cleared due to lack of employees.

So few employees now are spread out over too any
parks. Granted Old Mans Cave gets cleaned by volunteers
but what about the other parks in the system?


Fallen trees block the steps leading down into the
gorge of Cantwell Cliffs.
Bridges are being washed out or are crumbling
due to winter snows and spring rains.
If lack of funding remains this problem will just
get worse.
Some places along the path was in dangerous
condition from washing away.
Graffiti and rot to the buildings which now sees
no workers just gets worse.
Not enough Rangers to police the parks also is leaving
the area open to deviates and destruction of the parks. 
What would take a little time and a little more funding
now to repair will become major projects later because
of lack of upkeep and funding because of your cuts to
ODNR and Ohio Historical Sites.
What will the parks look like in four more years?
What a legacy to leave Mr. Governor.
We do not need a Amtrak system that will never
show a profit, just look at Michigan.
Lets think about taking care of what we already have.
If not, the slogan of “Beautiful Ohio'” may have to
be changed to “Beautiful Ohio Before Governor Strickland”.

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