Thursday, March 14, 2013

Signs of Spring on Wing


I was glad to see some familiar signs of spring wining their way into the Hocking Hills and around the house this week.

I always watch for signs of the first Robins to appear each year and I saw my first one out in the yard this week.


The Turkey Buzzards returned this week and were circling around the field nearby.


I spotted a pair of Eastern Bluebirds checking out the boxes in the yard where I hope they take up residence. With three around in the yard to choose from I hope they find one they like.





The sound of the Mourning Doves could also be heard this morning as they scratched around for something to eat under the birdfeeders.




Although I did not get a picture of them a small flock of Grackles were feeding at the birdfeeders. They are not my favorite bird but that metallic blue head is very pretty.



So there are signs of Spring winging their way into the Hocking Hills now.



  1. Pięknymi ptakami wita Was wiosna. Pozdrawiam.
    Beautiful birds of spring greets you. Yours.

  2. Some of the sweetest memories I have of the years I lived in Ohio are of the birds. I miss the cardinals and blue-jays especially. I used to go for long walks along the "emerald necklace", the system of parks around Cleveland. It always amazed me that I could be so close to the city and yet feel completely enveloped in nature. The deep glacier cuts made stunning pockets of lush ecosystem treasures of biodiversity.


" In Nature the Hand of God is Shown Daily"

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