Monday, September 17, 2012

Along the Upper Trail to Rose Lake

With the cooler temperatures it is ideal weather to get out and take a walk along some of the trails in the Hocking Hills State Parks.

The new bypass is almost finished at Old Mans Cave which will make it better for the tourist visiting and also the local traffic.
With the construction going on the parking lot at Old Mans Cave is a little torn up so I decided to take a walk to Rose Lake using the upper trail from Cedar Falls that leads up to the lake.


The path is shaded and away from the construction noise so it is peaceful and beautiful as I made my way along the trail.

There were a few hikers that I met along the way but other than a few squirrels along the trail scurrying around collecting nuts and the movement of a doe hiding in the the hemlocks all was quite.
A perfect day for taking in nature and unwind from all of the outside world and noise of everyday life.

There was just a little stream of water flowing down the rock creek at the upper falls that empties into the falls at Cedar Falls below. Signs of the dry summer we have had this year.


Patches of toadstools and mushrooms can be found along the trail in the shady areas where the soil is rich from years of decayed plant matter. I found a little snail sitting amongst this clump.


Reaching my destination and coming upon Rose Lake the lake is calm and smooth on this visit.


There was not a fisherman in sight on this Saturday.

Some of the trees around the lake are getting tinges of color  in their leaves now.

In some areas Hemlocks hang over the water of  the lake.

Old logs and Cattails make good hiding places for the fish in the lake but they also make it rough for the fisherman who get their hooks caught up on them.

RL_Cattails Cattails


Along the spillway of the lake a few late summer and fall wild flowers are in bloom.

The Sweet Goldenrod looks brilliant in the sunlight.

Centurea Bachelor Buttons

Joe Pye Weed

Even the Japanese Honeysuckle is trying to put on  a few last blooms for the summer. The bees were enjoying them.

The Sumac shrubs were full of berries.

Queen Anne's Lace is finishing its blooming.



Blooming White Snakeroot was in abundance.



Milkweed Pods

Plan a walk to Rose Lake this Fall.


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  1. Beautiful photos.. Haven't been in that area for awhile


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