Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer at Cedar Falls


I like to go to the local parks throughout the season to see all of the changes that occurs in the plant grow and to see what new things I can discover. It seems there is always something different to see on each visit.

Since we had a terrible storm this summer I did not know what to expect on this particular visit. Thankfully there was not to much wind damage. A few toppled trees and some washed out paths.

When you are walking the trails at Cedar Falls it is easy for you to  imagine yourself walking back in time to when the Native Americans travels through. Everything looks primitive and peaceful walking along the trials where cliffs and giant boulders have been for millions of years.


Water has worn rocks into all shapes as it has carved falls and solid rock creek beds as it travels down the valleys into Queer Creek.

along wet and mossy banks all manner of toadstools can be spotted growing.


Older decaying trees that have fallen are going back to nature and growing an array of fungi and lichens.

Along the creek the sun filters in and cast shimmering patterns and images upon the rock walls.

Centurea Bachelor Buttons
At this time of the year late blooming native plants are in bloom along the trails and upon the creek banks.

Red Lobelia Cardinal Flowers stand out amongst all of the green.

Blue Lobelia Cardinal Flower

Green Headed Coneflowers bloom along the  banks where the sun filters in.



Jewel Weed

Iron Weed

Heal All

Little holes in the rocks and caves can be found all along the gorge trail.


The creek was low on this day but there had been a hard rain just before my visit so the water was mudding.
On this day the many visitors were looking at the giant falls and the rock walls and boulders all along the trail.
They all were rushing around and looking up and not noticing the smaller things that can be spotted it you really look as you are walking along…….

Like a Snapping Water turtle that has just come up from the sandy bottom hiding in the muddy water in the creek.

What tiny eyes and nostrils. They look so out of proportion on this  big Turtle.



  1. What a fabulous spot. There didn't seem to be much damage at all from the storms. You found some beautiful little flowers along the way, and I love the turtle shot.


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