Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Swan Cygnets at Lake Logan

After reading in the newspaper that the Mute Swans had had seven baby cygnets we decided to take my Mom over to see them. Mom always loves going over in the spring to watch them.

Daddy was busy grooming himself….

While Momma was busy watching all those little ones.

Unfortunately there were only five cygnets left in the nest so something must have happened to two of them.

As if on cue or maybe it was the dinner bell, they all decided to go for a swim.

Such yummy green stuff.

Not knowing much about swans I thought this poor little thing had something wrong with its leg. It was bent up onto its back.
Then I noticed that they all were doing it so I knew there was nothing wrong with their legs but that when floating they must raise their feet up. LOL!

I had never noticed this with the big swans because their wings are big and must hide their feet.

Such cute little things so fluffy and with their black bills.

It was good to see water levels in the lake were back up after they had dredged it.

Since the nests were lower this year because of the dredging of the lake there was a  lack of  cattails for making the nests high enough to keep the eggs safely out of the water if we had a very wet spring. Luckily the rains were just enough but not enough to completely cover the nests and now that the cygnets are bigger if the nests get covered they will get by. The cattails are  growing back in so the swans should have a good supply for making nests next spring.


  1. The set of five is so great to see. That is great that you have a close place to visit them. They are so pretty.

  2. I noticed they were holding a leg up and wondered why. Thanks for explaining and thanks for sharing your photos. I hope the rest of them stay safe.

  3. These are such magnificent creatures, they make my heart sing! I love our geese and ducks, but to see swans... ah, heavenly creatures. If our pond were bigger I would definitely have some . Your photographs are perfect! This is truly natures paradise.


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