Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has Arrived in the Hocking Hills


A walk last week along the upper trail at Old Man’s Cave showed the first signs of springs with the blooming of the Coltsfoot.

The streams were filled from the resent thunder storms.

The Upper Falls was thundering with the falling water.

And the basin below the falls was full.

The water in the basin below the falls appears green when it is full in the spring.

My daughters German Shepherd puppy “Twilight”  did well on her first hike.
Even when a giant Husky came charging at her which was not leashed. All pets are suppose to be on a leash at the parks so hikers remember this for the safety of others and their pets.



  1. Oh, how beautiful. I love the photo with the bridge. And what an adorable puppy.

  2. You are such a talented photographer Lona - very envious of your ability - and what a gorgeous puppy.


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