Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Birds Eye View of Conkles Hollow

My daughter and I took a hike along the
upper trail at Conkle’s Hollow Tuesday.

It was a dry walk with dust rising as we
walked the upper trail. Leaves were falling
covering the paths and so were the acorns
and hickory nuts.
We are surprised that we have not gotten
hit in the head with some of the falling
nuts on our hikes.


Colorful Maples, Sassafras and Hickory trees can be
seen among the pines on the hillsides of the hollow.


It is a beautiful sight to look from atop the 200 foot
high cliffs across to the hills beyond.
The leaves should be at their peak colors by this weekend.


A haze covered the hollow Tuesday….


causing the pictures to look more like paintings.



Brilliant yellows could be seen beyond the
cracks in the cliffs rock walls.

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  1. These views remind me very much of my new Alabama home! I love the first photo, and I had to laugh about you thinking the nuts would hit two in the head. I have the same feeling while I'm walking down my driveway! Thanks for such a lovely post!


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