Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Goslings Have Grown

A visit to Rose Lake in the Hocking Hills state park
is not a new thing since my daughter and I hike the trail
from  Old Mans Cave to Cedar Falls often.
Over the summer the goslings that were born there this
Spring have really grown.

RoseLake_Geese2_June30 Above are the fluffy four goslings in June .


They have lost their fluff now and there were only
three of them on our visit last week.


They are adapting to humans maybe a little too well
now. When they saw us they started swimming to shore.


Maybe they were even looking for a hand out of
something to eat.


This one walked right up to me.


After receiving no hand outs of food they took
back out upon the lake.


  1. The family is so beautiful.
    What do you think happened to the other ones? Did they leave the nest?

  2. What a great view for you and your daughter to enjoy!

  3. Annelie: There are fox in the area and there may have been other reasons that one of them were missing. I was sad to see one of them missing.

    Bonnie: There is a great view there and always a breeze coming across the lake.


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