Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quilt Barn in Benton Township

A Quilt Barn is simply a barn that is decorated with a large,
painted quilt block. The tradition began in Adams County,
Ohio when Donna Sue Groves honored her quilter mother
by painting a quilt on the side of her barn. The concept
caught on locally and a legacy was born. Now there are
more than 1,000 Quilt Barns in Ohio and 21 other states.


This quilt barn is on Chapel Ridge Road off of Route
#374 near Cedar Falls which turns off at the Fire Tower
near South Bloomingville, Ohio.


There are numerous Quilt Barns located in Athens
and Vinton Counties of Ohio.

For more information or to plan a driving tour of the
barns visit the Vinton County Visitors Bureau .


  1. I just love old barns. These photos are great.

  2. What a fascinating concept. It is so solomn and reverent. Do you know what year or decade this was started?


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