Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Do Birds Shiver ?

Do birds shiver?

Birds will shiver for many reasons, but basically for the
same ones that we do -to increase body temperature
and when they are frightened, excited or nervous.
After wet or dry bathing, sometimes to "fluff" out the
feathers that are wet or dusty.


  1. I've been behind in my blog visiting of late. Sorry. :-(
    The thing that really got my attention was when they pull up one foot to warm in their feathers. The first time I saw this I thought the poor bird had a horrible encounter with a cat and lost the whole leg. The thoughts that went through my mind were terrible. I finally figured out that he was just warming his little legs against the cold. Perfectly reasonable considering how cold it was. A huge relief for me and a much brighter outcome than I imagined for the dear little bird.
    Beautiful clarity on those shots by the way. :-)

  2. I have noticed this warming also. It kind of takes you by surprise until you see they have two legs after all. ;-)


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