Sunday, January 17, 2010

Evening Visitor

We are into a thaw right now so it was the
perfect time of the evening for the little
visitor to sneak some food from the cats.
The face that only a mother would love
on this opossum.


  1. No telling how many of these critters my hubby has relocated. We have had a couple come through the doggie door flap and get into the kitchen. That is why he relocates all he can. Helen

  2. We had one of them visit us a few years back in the early morning. It was on our back wall and it was just a baby. Cute but mean.

  3. Helen: LOL! I remember now about you writing about the one that came in the doggie door.

    Kay: The can be very mean when grabbed up.

  4. YOu take the best nature shots!
    I need to get out and refill my bird feeders and try again!

    Thanks for making my Garden a little brighter with your comments.


" In Nature the Hand of God is Shown Daily"

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