Friday, November 27, 2009

New Winter Coat

The Goldfinch's summer feathers are bright and gay.

But the Finches Fall and Winter feathers are dull and gray.


  1. They are beautiful in their summer plumage but still pretty in their winter one. Very few are around here in the winter, just mostly in the spring. Helen

  2. I was wondering how a person gets more variety of birds at their feeder? Do you buy special seed? I just get Blue Jays, sparrows and an occasional wood pecker! Any advice?
    Your pics are just wonderful!

  3. Helen: There are always a few who stick around here.

    Rosey: I keep out sunflower and suet cakes both when it gets cold. I have never bought worms or such so I do not know about them.

  4. Oh brother. I am such a rube. I just realized thanks to you that I have been looking at these little finches all winter and never knew it!
    Thank you for teaching me something. I needed that.


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