Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Beauty of Mallards

Take that bread and run for it!


  1. I like this blog of yours too! I enjoyed browsing...Very beautiful photos.

  2. Awesome, Lona! Love the soft jeweled green of these malards!

  3. I love mallards. They make an awful mess but they are so pretty when you really look at them. The females make the most delightful cooing sound. It is a little sad isn't it, the things we take for granted? Like the common mallard.

  4. I love this nature blog of yours. You have very beautiful pictures. These ducks look like what we call 'mandarin ducks'. I have never seen a real one before. We always have pictures of a pair (couple) of mandarin ducks in traditional wedding invitation cards because it signifies romance and a loving relationship for the couple.


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