Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Hard Winter at Ash Cave

Large trees were down in many areas of Ash Cave
Park from the ice and wind of the winter.
The park workers clear the trees from the paths
and then leave the trees lay to rot and let nature
take care of them. It has been a good practice and
eventually the trees get covered with moss and
all kinds of toadstools and insects.
But when I was there and saw all of the trees than
had fallen over the winter it was just too many trees
lying around and it looked awful. It would be a chore
to get into them to haul them out but I believe they
should get rid of some of them.

This little Maple sapling was bent and held to the
ground by a larger fallen tree.
It was amazing to see that all along the trunk of the
sapling little leaves were forcing their way from
the trunk in an effort to survive and continue to grow.
Notice also behind it all of the limbs and branches that
were lying in the small creek that flows through the
park. I can see where hard rains and debris jamming
in the creek in the future is going to wash out the banks,
paths, and possibly the foot bridges if it is not removed.


  1. Sorry to see the mess winter made here. I think it was bad all over, I know it was in the south. But it is all most summer, happy days are her again.


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